TopTV Bus Campaign

Top TV is the first Pay TV competitor in South Africa. They recognized a massive gap in the market and decided to offer affordable Digital TV to predominantly lower and middle class South Africans.

We contributed to majority of the outdoor advertising for the campaign by utilizing 150 Full Wrap buses across South Africa. Seven high impact billboards were also selected to blanket Cape Town and increase the frequency of Top TV’s message. This is by far the largest South African campaign that we have embarked on with a staggering 14,000sqm2+ of advertising vinyl printed for all media.

The campaign started 4 weeks prior to Top TV’s official launch date. Only 50, 000 units were initially made available however all were sold out within the first 6 hours of the opening day. 3 months after the launch of the campaign, more than 80, 000 units have been sold bringing Digital TV to approximately 400,000 South Africans for the first time.

A research study conducted by ODM before and after the launch indicated that out of all the mediums that were used, respondents indicated a 100% ad recall of the bus campaign and that the transit medium instilled the highest “trust” factor when compared to the other mediums used. ODM will continue using this medium until 2011 due to its initial success and response received from transit media.

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