Cipla – Soflax Busses

Cipla South Africa is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in South Africa by volume and third largest by value. Their focus is on agile and sustainable growth and complex generics for the South African market.

Cipla was looking for unique ways to advertise their Soflax Tablets brand to a target audience which consisted of (LSM 5-8) in hard-to-reach residential areas as well as daily commuter travellers in the Cape Town and Johannesburg cities.

The creative artwork based in English and Xhosa was advertised to the South African market for those struggling with constipation with the use of transit advertising through Tractor’s Transit division.

A total of 23 branded busses took to the streets of Cape Town and Johannesburg for 5.5 months starting on 16 April 2021 and ending on 31 August 2021.

19 x back wraps and 4 x full wraps travelled along main routes and highways covering areas such as Atlantis, Woodstock, Kraaifontein, Durbanville, Grassy Park, Wynberg, Ghandi Square, Tshwane, Sunning Hill, Bedford Plaza, Braamfontein and many more.

Adidas Impossible is Nothing

ADIDAS main aim for this bus campaign was to tell the story of the brand and athlete or product through seeing POSSIBILITIES..

The rollout of the campaign using transit advertising was to give their message scale and land in culture and make it real by landing the message in community context.

The campaign had 2 phases; Phase 1 was to re-introduce impossible is nothing – wake the world up to the ADIDAS new brand narrative: make the impossible possible. Phase 2 was the summer of sustainability – seamlessly deliver the expression of clients’ narrative with sustainability as the proof point by speaking to the mass market.

ADIDAS made use of our national transit fleet by booking several bus back wraps in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Joburg. The busses are able to travel main commuter routes thus perfectly targeting the aimed township areas within these regions for two consecutive months.

Predator Energy Drink

Predator Energy a product of Monster Energy South Africa recently approached Tractor Outdoor with a task to increase and expand their brand awareness via a mobile platform to encourage people to purchase the affordable brand.

Tractor Transit, a division of Tractor Outdoor approached the idea of having 14 fully branded Predator Energy busses traveling the streets of Johannesburg and Durban to create mass awareness at eye level which can be seen daily on busy commuter routes to bring the brand in the face of the targeted consumer.

With Predator being in the affordable energy sector, we really excited to have the brand a part of our consumer’s daily work routes, hopefully this resonates with them and we see a strong uptake in sales.

Zeeworld Bus Campaign

Zee World is an English-Bollywood channel in South Africa which launched in South Africa in 2015 and is exclusive to the DStv service on channel 166.

It carries domestic programming from India dubbed from Hindi and Marathi into English. The channel is owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises based in Johannesburg.

The aim of the campaign was to publicly let the South African audience know that they have five new series coming on board all involving drama, love, passion, intrigue, betrayal and secrets to intrigue the audience.

20 fully branded pink busses populated the streets in and around Cape Town portraying the iconic ZeeWorld branding in 2019. Bringing a colourful sight to those in traffic.

Van Schaik Bookstore Bus Campaign

Van Schaik Bookstore is one of the oldest bookstores in Southern Africa and is the leading academic bookstore chain with more than 70 stores located within South Africa. Their mission is to supply all students within South Africa with academic resources via retail stores and digital channels.

Their latest campaign which consisted of two back wraps which ran from 1 July – 30 September 2017 was specifically aimed at all Unisa students to inform them that Van Schaik Bookstore has all the prescribed textbooks, stationary, bags, laptops and more available for their academic year.

The campaign was successfully carried out by having the two buses run along routes close to the Unisa branches.

DSCF0602 edit

TopTV Bus Campaign

Top TV is the first Pay TV competitor in South Africa. They recognized a massive gap in the market and decided to offer affordable Digital TV to predominantly lower and middle class South Africans.

We contributed to majority of the outdoor advertising for the campaign by utilizing 150 Full Wrap buses across South Africa. Seven high impact billboards were also selected to blanket Cape Town and increase the frequency of Top TV’s message. This is by far the largest South African campaign that we have embarked on with a staggering 14,000sqm2+ of advertising vinyl printed for all media.

The campaign started 4 weeks prior to Top TV’s official launch date. Only 50, 000 units were initially made available however all were sold out within the first 6 hours of the opening day. 3 months after the launch of the campaign, more than 80, 000 units have been sold bringing Digital TV to approximately 400,000 South Africans for the first time.

A research study conducted by ODM before and after the launch indicated that out of all the mediums that were used, respondents indicated a 100% ad recall of the bus campaign and that the transit medium instilled the highest “trust” factor when compared to the other mediums used. ODM will continue using this medium until 2011 due to its initial success and response received from transit media.

Standard Bank “Make your next now” Bus Campaign

Standard Bank have recently embarked on a national campaign challenging consumers to ask what is their “Next”, whether it be short term loans for personal ventures or insurance policies to protect against incidents.

Tractor Transit, a subsidiary of Tractor Outdoor have branded in excess of 50 Back Wraps across the Cape Town region providing Standard Bank with massive reach across the LSM spectrum with their branded fleet. The fleet collectively travels over 12, 000 km per day reaching approximately 65% of consumers.

IMG 3024 edit

MNET National Movie Day – Jurassic Park

Mnet Movies wanted to celebrate National Movie Day by creating awareness a little different this year, they decided to use this opportunity to make use of transit advertising.

The objective of the campaign was to create awareness about Mnet National Movies Day at the Castle of Good Hope. We launched a bus campaign in Cape Town and by making use of a specialized 3D design technique the Jurassic Park creative really came to life.

Being located at the Castle of Good Hope, right opposite the bus terminus, the busses created quite a view

McDonalds Bus Campaign

McDonalds has always been looking at exciting ideas on how to advertise their range of new meals being launched. With their new McDouble Delux Medium Meal being released to the public, they turned to bus advertising to spread the word faster and promote the idea that more meal equals less price at McDonalds.

We gave McDonalds the opportunity to advertise on our GABS buses. McDonalds decided to brand 60 back wraps with their creative artwork that would make anyone turn into the next McDonalds they see. These 60 back wraps populated many busy roads throughout the day.

McDonalds had great success with running this bus campaign, as having 60 back wraps on the road created ample brand awareness.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation National Bus Campaign

The heart and Stroke Foundation SA offers a range of corporate wellness services to help you increase productivity, lower risk of occupational conditions, lower absenteeism and disability, and helps to position you as a proactive and holistic employer.

For their latest campaign release, they needed to make people aware of the dangers of using too much salt with your food. They decided on doing a national bus campaign which consisted of 15 back wraps which were routed along Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban for two months. The aim was to spread the message of “Your body doesn’t want the extra salt” to everyday commuters on the road.  

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