Tractor Transit a Tractor Group Company and the industry-leader's in exclusive bus branding in Coastal South Africa 

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Have your brand exposed directly to thousands of consumers daily. The result? Build your brand and unique offering across the market.

Tractor Transit is a Tractor Group Company and are the industry-leader’s in exclusive bus branding around Coastal South Africa. This includes Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban. We are the guys that drive your brand and services directly to your target market.

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With bus usage at an all time high and people spending more time out of their homes than ever before, it’s not surprising that transit media is a highly desirable medium.

Our current exclusive fleet includes over 1500 routes and 2250 busses, with each bus conducting 2 to 3 trips and travelling over 200km per day. The operating hours are Monday to Saturday from 5.30am to 10.00pm with limited operations on Sundays. Check out our coastal coverage below.


cape town

• 255,300 daily commuters
• 10% of adult population
• 29% of national bus commuters reside

in the Western Cape


port elizabeth

• 43,100 daily commuters
• 5.6% of adult population
• 5% of national bus commuters reside in the Eastern Cape



• 137,900 daily commuters
• 5.8% of adult population
• 16% of national bus commuters reside in KwaZulu Natal




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